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© Plus Wonder 2017
Plus Wonder is 501(c)3 non-profit organisation registered in United States.

Our Story

Plus Wonder taps into the wise love and sometimes confronting honesty of some of the greatest partnerships of our lifetime; from friends, to business partners, to siblings, to romantic partners, to partnerships with Mother Nature.  They all show us how we can bring wonder into our lives, and the lives of many others, through the partnerships we shape.

We’ve done our best to capture over 1,500 years of accumulated wisdom from fifty great partnerships, offering insights into the Magnetic Threads that keep them constantly connected. These allow the partnership to ebb and flow, to grow, and to ultimately bring out the very best self of each of the partners, to leverage the exponential energy of "one plus one equals three", as described so eloquently by André and Bertrand, friends and Co- Founders of Solar Impulse.  We’ve also captured the tools, rituals and tips that have helped these partnerships to evolve and weather the inevitable storms.

As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, we need a different approach to one another and the planet.  We have an opportunity to move away from a focus on individual gain and super hero saviours, towards partnerships that will bring wonder and meaning into our lives and the world.

Join us on this Plus Wonder movement towards a positively connected, wondrous world.  We’ve just completed over 50 interviews, and will be adding content to this site as we progress, so Plus Wonder is still under construction.

The Details

Plus Wonder is a not-for-profit initiative inspiring partnerships for a better world and a better life through conversations, films, digital platforms and books.  Alongside the intimate stories and wisdom of 50 inspirational partnerships we're sharing, we aim for Plus Wonder to grow into a global movement of partnerships - share your story to be a part of it.  Plus Wonder will be launching a book and toolkits in the coming months - any future proceeds earned will go to support not for profits selected by the partners.

Fair Go Policy

We would love for people to help us evolve the Plus Wonder framework, planned for full launch in 2018. We would value your feedback and insights along the way if you have any thoughts on how we can improve, and please enquire before reproducing any materials from this site. Please email us at

“You can find lots of different things to do within the concept of trying to make the world a little better for everybody. But I think part of what keeps people like us in this mode, over the years, is the conversation stays interesting.”

- Stewart Brand

Featured Partners

The powerful partnerships featured by Plus Wonder share their stories voluntarily, as an invitation to millions more inspirational partnerships-in-waiting to shape their own journeys. Some are well known, others less public. Laugh, cry and learn from their wisdom, then join the movement.

Plus Wonder is a not for profit organisation. All proceeds will be distributed amongst the charitable entities chosen by the 50 Partnerships. A full list of these is available by emailing

Plus Wonder Collective

Plus Wonder is led by a small Collective Trust, mostly volunteers, who have committed time, resources and energy to bring Plus Wonder to life.

Andrea Brenninkmeijer
Cindy Mercer
Ellie Kanner
Joann McPike
Sharon Johnson
Percy Holtzman
Mel Agace
Sachin Dev Duggal
Alexander Grashow
Jean Oelwang
Robin Bowman
Phil Weiner
Flo Devereux
Keith Yamashita
Todd Holcomb
Angela Dower
Susan Goldsmith
John & Catriona Stares
Thomas Yee
Zach Hong
Lisa Valiant
Julianne Holt-Lunstad
Shannon Sedgwick Davis
© Plus Wonder 2017
Plus Wonder is 501(c)3 non-profit organisation registered in United States.