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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

Tangible lessons from 60+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.


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Do you want to spark the super power of deep connections at your next event? Are you interested in embedding partnerships at the core of your team?


Book Jean Oelwang or one of our partners to speak

Jean has been on the TED and TEDx stages and has been doing a tour with her new book, Partnering. 

She can help spark the power of deep connections at your next event, inspire your team to build partnerships for collective success, or dive into the six degrees of connection, from learning to celebrate friction to putting trust and respect at the center of all your relationships.

She can also be joined by one of the 65+ partnerships she interviewed to explore how they successfully built their world changing deep connection. 

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Presentations and workshops tailored for you.

Whether you’re creating a diverse team, thinking of building a large-scale collaboration, or helping your existing team work better together, we can create a workshop or presentation to match your needs.

We also have a community of brilliant speakers who can join your next event – or your team meeting – or any type of gathering to help share the wisdom from the Six Degrees of Connection.

Presentations and workshops can be tailored to your needs. Some examples of potential themes:

  1. Collective Flourishing – What does it look like? Introduction to the Six Degrees.
  2. Collaboration Design Principles – Explore the six design principles through the stories from some of the greatest collective human achievements.
  3. Partnership Wonder – Select one of our incredible 60+ partnerships to have a conversation about what makes their relationship flow.
  4. Go Deep – Dive into one of the Six Degrees. Some examples: learn the 12 tips for celebrating friction, explore the magnetic moments that keep people connected, and practise the six virtues in the ecosystem.
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