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Architect Program

Our aim is to empower Architects and plant seeds for Deep Connections in local and global communities.

Are you a Plus Wonder Architect?

Plus Wonder Architects are a community of professionals, educational leaders, classroom teachers, and family support who grow teams or learners as purpose-driven collaborators for a better and more deeply connected world.

How the Architect Program works

The Architect program recruits and accepts a select group of people who desire a deep dive into the Six Degrees of Connection. Our program provides exclusive experiences, thoughtful resources, and touchpoints that have connectivity at their core.

You may want to become an Architect if… you (or your organization) feel aligned with Plus Wonder, if you want to build an empowered team, if you are looking to invest in yourself or your relationships with others, or share connection practices with your network.

You have options for your path as an Architect. We support the approach that suits your context and goals.

Which path suits you?
Professional & Team Architects

The Architect journey can begin when professionals, educational leaders, and their teams employ the Architect workbooks, join a workshop or webinar, or initiate a research project on collaboration. Let us help you reignite your workforce by changing your incentive structure and put people over profit to transform your business.

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Classroom & Learning Architects

Classroom educators can explore the Architect Curriculum and adapt for their classrooms, so students can learn the Six Degrees of Connection framework. This can intersect with Social Emotional Learning, Trauma-Informed Care, or other advisory programs that focus on the development of the whole child.

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Family Engagement Architects

Parents serve as Architects to learn everyday connection strategies to incorporate in their family life. Access our Connection Circles to explore discussion topics for the dinner table. This provides strategies for you to guide your kids to develop strong relationships and move through the world with connection.

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Personal Journey Architects

Individuals serve as Architects to grow in their partnerships and Deep Connections. From inside-out, the work allows for introspection with opportunities to reach out to others. If you see yourself as a movement builder, a force for change in the world, we want to help you achieve that through your relationships.

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Why you should apply today
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Architects enjoy a host of benefits within our program free of charge. They can:

  • Receive unique tools for enhancing collaboration…
  • Access opportunities to earn money to support your initiative…
  • Attend exclusive events with Jean & Plus Wonder partners…
  • Connect with like-minded movement builders…

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