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© Plus Wonder 2017
Plus Wonder is 501(c)3 non-profit organisation registered in United States.

Our Partners

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter 39th President and First Lady of the USA, Co-Founders of the Carter Center
Desmond & Leah Tutu Spouses, Partners in Peace, Human Rights, Freedom and  Life
Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield Friends, Co-Founders of Ben & Jerry’s
Kevin & Kate Cahill Spouses, Partners in Humanitarian Efforts and Global Healthcare
Gro & Arne Olav Brundtland Spouses, Partners in Global Health, International Development and Life
Richard Branson & Peter Gabriel Friends, Partners in Peace & Human Rights
Bert & John Jacobs Brothers, Co-Founders of Life is Good
Christiana & José María Figueres Siblings, Humanitarians, Climate Change Leaders
Sylvia Earle & the Ocean Friend, Marine Biologist, Explorer & Founder of Mission Blue
Bertrand Piccard & André Borschberg Friends, Co-Founders of Solar Impulse
Mark Kelly & Gabby Giffords Spouses, Advocates for Gun Control and Social Wellbeing
Guruji & the Feminine Divine Partner in Penance with Maa Devotee and Advocate for Women, and More Profound Spiritual Connections

between Human Beings and Nature
Robbie Schingler & Will Marshall Friends, Co-Founders of Planet Labs
Ryan Phelan & Stewart Brand Spouses, Co-Founders of Revive & Restore
Keith Yamashita & Todd Holcomb Spouses, Partners in Empowering Leadership
Cindy Mercer & Addison Fischer

Friends, Co-Founders of Planet Heritage Foundation

Andrea & Barry Coleman Spouses, Co-Founders of Riders for Health
Anthony Ray Hinton & Lester Bailey Best Friends for Life, Partners in Advocating for Ending the Death Penalty
Sheryl WuDunn & Nicholas Kristof Spouses, Co-Authors of Half the Sky and A Path Appears
Sangu, Edmund & Banguu Delle Brothers, Co-Founders of Golden Palm Investments
Chris Redlitz & Beverly Parenti Spouses, Co-Founders of The Last Mile
LaTasha Thomas, Asia & Michael Newsom Family, Partners in Super Business Girl
Erika Boyd & Kirsten Ussery-Boyd Spouses, Co-Founders of Detroit Vegan Soul
Robin Chase & Cameron Russell Family, Activists for Climate Change and the New Economy
Dereck & Beverly Joubert Spouses, Wildlife Filmmakers, Co-Founders of Great Plains Conservation
Amory & Judy Lovins Spouses, Partners in Creating the New Energy Future
Wade Davis & Caroll Dunham Friends, Partners in the Beauty, Wisdom and Spirituality of Indigenous Cultures
Severn & Sarika Cullis-Suzuki Sisters, Environmental Activists, Board Members of David Suzuki Foundation
Tim & Gaynor Brown Spouses, Partners in Designing Better Lives
Bill Draper, Robin Richards Donahoe & Robert Kaplan Co-Founders, DRK Foundation
Jacqueline Novogratz & Chris Anderson Spouses, Partners in Social Entrepreneurship
Jo Confino & Paz Perlman Spouses, Partners Inspiring Harmony with Earth and Life
Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye Friends, Co-founders of Project V.O.I.C.E.
Andy Kuper & Jim Roth

Friends, Co-Founders of Leapfrog Invest

Sue & Mike McCloskey Spouses, Co-founders of Fair Oaks Farms and fairlife
Mick & Caskey Ebeling Spouses, Partners in the Not Impossible Foundation
Alex Rappaport & Blake Harrison Friends, Co-founders of Flocabulary
Paul Bennett & Jim Cooper Spouses, Partners Designing a Better World
Eve Ellis & Annette Niemtzow Spouses, Partners in Empowering Women
Ned Tozun & Sam Goldman Friends, Co-Founders of D.Light
Kevin Starr & Henry Arnhold Friends, Co-founders of the Mulago Foundation
Jane Tewson & Charles Lane

Spouses, Partners in Working for a Fair and Just World

Jagdish Thakkar, Ashish Thakkar, Ahuti Chug & Rona Kotecha

Family, Partners in Mara Foundation & Mara Group

May Boeve, Jamie Henn, Bill McKibben, Jeremy Osborn, Jon Warnow, Kelly Blynn, Phil Aroneanu & Will Bates

Friends, Co-Founders of

Richard Reed, Adam Balon & Jon Wright

Friends, Co-Founders of Innocent Drinks and Jam Jar Investments

Pat Mitchell & Scott Seydel

Spouses, Media Innovator and Environmental Business Champion

Jacki & Greg Zehner Spouses, Co-founders of the Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation
Tony & Pat Hawk Siblings, Co-Directors of Tony Hawk Inc and Tony Hawk Foundation
Martin Hill & Philippa Jones Spouses, Artists, Partners in The Fine Line Project
Lindsay & David Levin Spouses, Changemakers in Education & Leadership
Azim Khamisa & Ples Felix Friends, Co-Founders of Tariq Khamisa Foundation
© Plus Wonder 2017
Plus Wonder is 501(c)3 non-profit organisation registered in United States.