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Architect Program

Once you read Partnering and become a Plus Wonder Explorer, you may find a deeper dive is right for you.

A Plus Wonder Architect is a member of a select group that spreads the mission of Partnering with the world.

They are implementers, educators, co-creators, and ambassadors for the Six Degrees of Connection.

They gain access to 60+ hours of curriculum and a network of partners and Plus Wonder Architects that can enrich their collaboration skill set.

Architects act as partners with Plus Wonder by developing new initiatives, dynamic projects, and co-designed curricula on collaboration.

What is a Plus Wonder Architect?


The Architect program is a select group of people who desire a “deep dive” into the content of Partnering through various modes and activities that can function as a supplemental workbook to the book.

The Architect curriculum provides roughly 60+ hours of content engagement around the Six Degrees of Connection; it also acts as a blueprint for other organizations to co-develop their own programs that implement the Six Degrees of Connection in their unique contexts (Harvard + Wonder, Edutopia + Wonder, etc.).

Architects promote Plus Wonder externally and act as partners in our work to build a culture around Partnering.

Applications opening soon!

We are looking for educators, trainers, and leaders from all walks of life and communities who value partnering, collaborating, and connecting in their everyday teachings and activities. They are fully aligned to the mission of Plus Wonder and want to share their experiences and expertise with others. They believe connection can help us build meaningful relationships for a better life, better organizations, and a better world. We welcome stakeholders from all different walks of education to join our movement.

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