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Plus Wonder Explorers are those who express the desire and initiative to forge Deep Connections in their lives and communities.

You may be a Plus Wonder Explorer if you have read the book, watched our partner videos, or browsed the Explorer Curriculum.

There are so many ways you can apply the partnership wisdom in your life.

We are here to provide you opportunities to engage further and connect to our Plus Wonder community of Explorers.

We encourage our Explorer to “challenge” themselves to apply the Six Degrees of Connection in their organizations, schools, boardrooms, dining tables, and more. Find out how!

What is the Explorer Program?


The Explorer program is for anyone who desires to forge Deep Connections in their life. Explorers practice partnering and advocate for collective action. There is no cost nor obligation to be an Explorer.

This program unifies the book Partnering, the Plus Wonder resources, and the vast community of people and organizations in the Plus Wonder network.

Explorers can choose their own approach to deepening their connections.

Connection Challenges

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There is so much great wisdom to reflect on and use from our 65+ partnerships of purpose that we craft them into Connection Challenges six times a year, one for each Degree of Connection.


Each Connection Challenge highlights a degree, a partnership, an activity, and the work of our great community putting the Six Degrees of Connection into action.


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Our Current Connection Challenge


Archbishop Desmond & Leah Tutu—spouses, partners in peace, human rights, freedom and life—spent a lifetime together helping end South Africa’s apartheid system and working for human rights. 

The Archbishop and Leah were able to keep fighting during the hardness and misery of the apartheid years because of their Deep Connection. United in purpose, they strengthened their resolve to do what they never could have done alone.

In the spirit of being constant “prisoners of hope,” as the Archbishop loved to say, their shared purpose, which started with ending apartheid, has evolved into ensuring that every human being has the chance to live a life of dignity.

Your purpose does not have to be world-changing like ending apartheid; it simply has to be Something Bigger than yourself. Whether raising children with integrity or making your company a great place to work, all such endeavors are valid and important.

With our world in turmoil, what or who is lighting your heart and soul on fire?

How can you light the heart and soul of your community?

How can you take your first step in matching their mission or paying it forward?

Take two minutes to recognize those who light your heart and soul on fire.


Share an organization, initiative, individual, or opportunity that could be yours or someone else’s work.

We may feature your submission!


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The Explorer Curriculum

The Explorer Curriculum offers activities, videos, and helpful guidance through the Six Degrees of Connection.


Download each workbook or the whole curriculum for free, and let us know how it serves you in forging Deep Connections.


Use the form below to document your “Connection Wins.” We want to celebrate these moments with you and with our Connection Community.

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