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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

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Friends, economists, and scientists, partners in closing the ozone hole

Sherwood Rowland, Mario Molina, Stephen O. Andersen, and Mostafa Tolba


Sherwood Rowland was a chemistry professor and Mario Molina a postdoctoral student when their research revealed that CFCs, found in popular consumer products, were destroying the ozone layer. Their discovery would lead to a Nobel Prize. More than 10 years later, economist Stephen O. Andersen and UN representative, Mostafa Tolba would help reach a global agreement to ban CFCs.

“It’s very fun to be a scientist, to find out how things work and so on, but if you have close colleagues, it’s even more fun to share that. To share the joy of research with friends. And it’s part of our human experience too.”

Mario Molina

“They were heroic. They were patient and civil. Everyone that writes about Sherry Rowland mentions what a gentle person he was and that he was always patient with people that would criticize him, and he would answer even the simplest questions. And so he was someone who was hard to dislike or criticize, and over time I think scientists and everyone else came to respect his view as they looked carefully at his work and they essentially validated and collaborated and extended what he’d found, and realized that it was as serious as they had warned.”

Steven O. Andersen

“He supported me, of course, I value that a lot. At first, pushing that I would become a professor. And when I moved, he would always help me if I needed… We were just good friends.”

Mario Molina

“I try to find balance in the work I do, and so we have a lot of celebration, lots of things like recognition, but also simple things like my wife and I always hosted out of town guests at our home.. I realized that these spouses were clueless about what their spouse had done. But they were suffering because of my demands on their spouse’s time.”

Steven O. Andersen

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