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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

Tangible lessons from 65+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.



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Packed with wisdom from world-changing partnerships. Order the book, where you can learn useful tips about how to build meaningful connections that will benefit the world.

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by Jean Oelwang

Packed with wisdom from world-changing partnerships, including useful tips on how to build meaningful connections that will benefit the world.

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“This is an amazing and hopeful book. In part, packed with some incredible fly-on-the-wall stories of some of the world’s most inspiring leaders, and also a powerful rally call for us all to re-think our concepts of success beyond a narrow individual framework and integrate partnerships and community into the core of our daily personal and work lives. At a time when hope can seem a little thin on the ground, this is an absolute must-read.”

Amazon book review

“Partnering captures the magic of our partnership, and many others. One plus one = more done and more fun.”

Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel

“Rarely does a book so profoundly and deeply impact me. I have taken extensive notes and am still processing so many of the concepts. I will be speaking about this book and its core concepts for years to come. Thank you. Your work and vision is a blessing.”

Casey Hill, LinkedIn

“Great relationships are the wellspring of happiness at home, success at work, and wisdom in life. Jean Oelwang is remarkably gifted at building them—she’s worked closely with many of the most dynamic duos of our time. Her book is filled with uplifting stories and practical takeaways for building stronger partnerships.”

Adam Grant

“I enjoyed the framing of this book, the idea that if you get everything right 1 + 1 = 1,000,000+. Diving into best practices for forming and sustaining partnerships is, with this framing, a worthwhile endeavour. I enjoyed the stories of great partnerships.”

Goodreads review

“Our 75 year marriage has been the most important thing in our lives. Partnering highlights the secrets of enduring partnerships like ours.”

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

“A great book to strongly highlight there are people, partnerships already existing to create a better world. Identifying the values we must practice and share for others to do the same. This book should be read to our children.”

Amazon book review

“Our partnership of over 66 years has made us who we are in this world and helped us to weather the atrocities of apartheid. Because of each other, our lives have been filled with love, joy, and meaning. In Partnering, Jean brings to life the true spirit of Ubuntu.”

Archbishop and Leah Tutu

“This was a phenomenal book. I devoured it. I learned so much about the value of good partnerships and even areas where I need to do more work in support of my own partnerships. More than that though I enjoyed the stories! It was fun, entertaining and endearing.”

Racquel Moses

“If you want to do something bigger, something meaningful for others, read Partnering.”

Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield

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