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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

Tangible lessons from 65+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.

November 20, 2023

Projects, Pedagogy, Play + Partnering

Plus Wonder is proud to announce our distribution of Partnering by Jean Oelwang to the student-centered educators at the Projects, Pedagogy, and Play conference in 2023!

The book Partnering captures wisdom from some of the greatest partnerships and collaborations of our time.

As part of the non-for-profit, Plus Wonder, we continue to work with teachers and students all over the world to put partnering and collaboration at the center of education.

Director of Northwest Passage High School, Peter Wieczorek, and Shane Krukowski, co-founder of Headrush Learning, are two leaders in education who champion students as independent learners with the skills to be successful in the 21st century. 

At the Projects, Pedagogy, and Play conference, they connect, share, and celebrate with like-minded educators at a unique school in a dynamic un-conference that is participant driven.

They continue to help people forge meaningful, Deep Connections that make great things happen in education and beyond.

We love seeing Partnering in the hands of innovative educators from around the nation.

If you have an educational event coming up, contact to inquire about copies of Partnering for your educators.

We would love for you to join us in building relationships that matter.

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