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March 15, 2022

TED: 7 ways to build greater trust in all of your partnerships

Quick question: How many relationships do you currently have where you feel like the other person has your back? And how would you like to have more of them? 

In her new book Partnering, Jean Oelwang — president and founding CEO of Virgin Unite — explores how we find and cultivate just those kinds of bonds, which she calls “Deep Connections.” As she writes, “Deep Connections are relationships of purpose that make us who we are. They are the enduring ‘got your back’ friendships found in all aspects of our lives. These relationships help us become our best selves and multiply the impact we make in the world.”

For the book, Oelwang interviewed hundreds of people in all kinds of partnerships — work partnerships, friend partnerships and life partnerships. In it, she identifies the core principles that underpin great partnerships, the daily rituals that partners use to stay in sync, and the skills that allow them to disagree respectfully and productively. Below, she shares advice on how you can incorporate trust into your most important partnerships, whether they’re personal or professional.”

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