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Friends and cofounders of Flocabulary

Alex Rappaport and Blake Harrison


Alex Rappaport thought he wanted to be a music producer when he met Blake Harrison, an aspiring writer, waiting tables at an Italian Restaurant. The two felt an immediate connection and before long they created Flocabulary, based on Alex’s idea to create educational hip hop songs and videos. Today, their programs are used by millions of students throughout the US.

“You know, there’s a bigger picture here and I think we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We can laugh at ourselves. We can, you know, be self-deprecating and say we don’t know what the hell we’re doing here.”

Alex Rappaport

“I can’t possibly imagine doing this alone, even if someone said, you can do it. … part of the value is just someone who’s like, I think we can do this. Do you? You know, it’s just that psychological reinforcement of, you’re not crazy; I also believe this. That means so much. But even if someone right from the beginning said, you can do this, you have the skills necessary, I just can’t possibly imagine doing it without a… someone to rely on when things get hard, when things are good.”

Blake Harrison

“I think the great moment in the end is when the other one also achieves his goal, because that’s when you feel that the partnership is extremely strong and flourishing. And it’s at its best, in fact, in terms of quality… ah so that’s part of the values that we have – to make sure that we move forward together, that not one is left behind in some situation. It happens for a while, but I think we both try to correct it then. We want to come together to a destination, I think that’s clear, despite the risk, despite the difficulty, the goal is to get to the end of this project together. That’s clear.”

Alex Rappaport

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