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Best friends for life and partners in advocating for ending the death penalty

Anthony Ray Hinton and Lester Bailey


Friends since childhood, Anthony Ray Hinton and Lester Bailey are united in their desire to end the death penalty and are dedicated to supporting each other wholeheartedly through all of life’s battles. While Anthony spent nearly 30 years on death row in Alabama for a crime he didn’t commit, Lester visited him every week without fail, creating a deep, lifelong bond.

“I don’t expect him to agree with me on everything, I don’t agree with him on everything, but at the end of the day what is most important to me is the respect that we have for one another and the love that we have for one another.”

Anthony Ray Hinton

“That’s the part about having a good friendship, you know, having a mutual friendship, you know, understanding each other. That is one of the greatest gifts there is, you know, because we are created, we are different, and understanding each other, that’s one of the greatest assets.”

Lester Bailey

“I mean, it is fantastic to be able to know you have someone that is there for you, whether you need them or don’t need them. It is fantastic to know that you can call them any time of day or night. It is fantastic to know that your hurt is their hurt, your joy is their joy. And I just look at it man, this is fantastic.”

Anthony Ray Hinton
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