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Friends and partners in depolarizing America

David Blankenhorn and John Wood Jr.


David Blankenhorn is the founder and president of the Institute for American Values and has been described as one of America’s most influential liberal thinkers concerning family issues.

John Wood Jr. is the former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County and a noted writer and speaker on racial and political reconciliation.
Together, John and David work as Braver Angels leaders, focused on creating understanding between polarized groups around contentious social and political issues, bridging the partisan divide, and strengthening the US’s democratic republic.

“We also are very mindful of when the other is going through a down time and life is full of ups and downs, and both of us have been through quite a few downs. And we are there for each other when the going gets really tough.”

Christiana Figueres

“At the end of the day what’s important about that is that we have been able to create a way of communicating with each other, that is respectful, loving. Very frank and direct.”

José María Figueres

“You always have to put yourself in the shoes of the other person. If you don’t understand where they are coming from, if you don’t have an appreciation for their arguments and how they are seeing things. It’s very, very challenging to put a meaningful partnership together.”

José María Figueres

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