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Spouses and partners in social entrepreneurship

Jacqueline Novogratz and Chris Anderson


Chris Anderson was a journalist and magazine publisher before becoming the face of the TED Conference in 2001. His spouse, social entrepreneur Jacqueline Novogratz, is the founder and CEO of Acumen, a nonprofit venture capital fund that invests in companies that help alleviate global poverty.

“Chris added a vow, and surprised me in our wedding. Knowing some of my own fears, that ‘I will never hold you back.’ And I think that really meant that our marriage would be forged on this idea that if we spent our lives just staring at each other, both we and the world would lose. And we had to look out at how we would change the world, individually and together. And that’s really the basis of so much of our love.”

Jacqueline Novogratz

“That life doesn’t really take off until you start looking beyond yourself. And that that’s where the biggest joy is.”

Chris Anderson

“Make each other a refuge. But not the everything. You’ve got to be bigger than the two of you are as individuals.”

Jacqueline Novogratz

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