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Jo Confino and Paz Perlman


Jo Confino and Paz Perlman felt drawn to each other since the day they met, yet it would be another 20 years until they fully grasped the profoundness of their connection and joined together for life. Jo is a journalist, sustainability expert, and Zen mindfulness practitioner and Paz is a renowned painter and sculptor.

“You get so much more done when you’re playful, when you’re joyous, when you’re light. That’s where the creativity comes from, that’s where the grace comes from, that’s where the community comes from. That’s where the connections come from, that’s where the collaboration comes from. That’s where you generate joy.”

Jo Confino

“That’s the essence of it, you know, really be there. I think Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh always says the best present you can give to your partner is just to be there. Just so simple.”

Paz Perlman

“We’re not a perfect couple but… we’re trying to be an inspiration to each other and I think that naturally emanates out into the world because people recognize that, you know. They recognize the energy of it.”

Jo Confino

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