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Keith Yamashita and Todd Holcomb


Keith Yamashita’s SYPartners firm helps companies and leaders build cultures of creativity and purpose. Todd Holcomb is a human potential consultant. Together they share a deep interest in design and parenting.

“I think when people can’t be their authentic selves is when they close off that possibility for themselves and what they can do for the world.”

Todd Holcomb

“So much human editing of love is what holds us all back from partnerships that can be extraordinarily nurturing. And, if you can get over the fear of the leap of loving before being loved, I think that’s the start of it all. And that goes for friendships, and it goes for business partnerships. And it goes for people you have only recently met. It’s, are you okay showing up as the most-loving version of yourself with the thought there may be no return? But, when you do it, it always returns.”

Keith Yamashita

“I think one bit of wisdom I’d like to pass on to my kids is you have to be willing to love before being loved, and you have to be willing to trust before being trusted.”

Keith Yamashita
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