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Friends and cofounders of the Mulago Foundation

Kevin Starr and Henry Arnhold


Kevin Starr and Henry Arnhold created the Mulago Foundation to carry on the work of Henry’s brother Rainer—a pediatrician dedicated to humanitarian work, which he did until his death in 2018. Kevin continues to lead the organization, directing funds into projects with high impact that can scale.

“Trust – I’m thinking it’s all important. I mean, if you don’t trust somebody, it doesn’t work.”

Henry Arnhold

“Figure out very clearly, an initial vision of what you’re doing together. Let it change over time. But understand very clearly what you’re trying to do together.”

Kevin Starr

“I learned from you that things that I was skeptical about, you were able to succeed in doing.”

Henry Arnhold
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    Kevin Starr | Quote on Trust


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