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Spouses and changemakers in education and leadership

Lindsay and David Levin


Entrepreneur Lindsay Levin founded the social enterprise Leaders’ Quest to inspire business executives to lead with purpose and compassion and co-founded TED Countdown to accelerate solutions to climate change. With an early understanding of the impact of digital technology, David Levin has been a transformative leader in publishing, A.I., and education.

“The thing I most value is I’ve just got this certain North Star that I know I can come back to that just lays out, this is… This is reality. This is truth. This is a touchstone that I can go to at any point, and Lindsey just gives that to me, every day.”

David Levin

“There’s an underpinning. And we’ve probably both been evolving our sense of purpose. And have influenced each other and know when we can count on each other. But it’s very much, for me at least, tremendous freedom to fly. And at the same time, knowing that you’ve got this person that’s kind of looking out for you, you know, and that you can turn to.”

Lindsay Levin

“I kind of feel it’s two races. And it’s wonderful. And so there’s no competition, but we really are striving for each one of us to do as best as we can in that race and realizing that you’ve got a supporter out there who’s just cheering for you. So it’s go far, you know, go faster, go further, go higher, all of those things, and push yourself. And that’s hugely motivational.”

David Levin
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