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Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE and Gloria Abramoff FRSA


The deep and effective partnership of Gloria Abramoff, a broadcast journalist and communications executive in London, and Lord Michael Hastings of the House of Lords, began 20 years ago at the BBC. Together, they are devoted to improving lives and addressing human rights around the world.

“And time is really the investment of the journey of friendship and a relationship and being willing to track on to get it done. Take time. Be purposeful.” LH

Jane Doe, Virgin Galactic

“I think that politics has got to always be a very long game. Gloria and I talk a lot about social transformation, and social transformation is decades, and sometimes many more… Sometimes it’s generations. And so, why rush at something and then just give up? And we’ve seen a lot of people in politics and business and social life, just rush at things and give up. We’re both very passionate about long-term change. So, if you’re passionate about long-term change, you find a lot of things funny along the way as well, because, inevitably, you see the banana skins and you learn how to avoid them.” GA

Gloria Abramoff

“If you’re going to be co-purposeful and co-generous, you can’t be egomaniacs. You can’t be pushing your position, your agenda, your thoughts, I think about it better than you think about it, that kind of stuff doesn’t work. You have to be very releasing because you’re about a bigger thing together. You’re about a bigger purpose so you’ve got to be generous with releasing what you think and be really willing to go with somebody else’s thoughts.”

Lord Hastings
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