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Spouses, advocates, public servants, and partners in ending acts of gun violence

Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords


Married since 2007, Mark Kelly, a retired astronaut who flew on four space shuttle missions, met Gabby Giffords on a trip to China when she was a state representative from Arizona. Gabby was shot in the head while speaking to constituents in Tucson in 2011 and suffered an extensive brain injury. Since then the pair have devoted themselves to preventing further acts of gun violence.

“You know, life often throws all of us curveballs, things that you don’t expect; things are going along really smoothly, and suddenly (snaps fingers) in an instant it all changes, and that’s something I never really considered before… I think those bonds and that relationship that Gabby and I had, that teamwork, you know, was still able to withstand… you know, that big tsunami of change.”

Mark Kelly

“I mean, I was interested in what, genuinely interested in what she did, and she was the same with me.”

Mark Kelly

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