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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

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Colleagues, friends, and partners in protecting the ozone layer

Penelope Canan and Nancy Reichman


Longtime dear friends and faculty at the University of Denver, Penelope Canan and Nancy Reichman joined together to conduct ground-breaking social research on the negotiations that led to the closing of the ozone hole.

“There was no one worried about losing their own personal identity because they were strong, strong characters in and of themselves… These partnerships are successful because they combine strong personalities with the will to collaborate.”

Nancy Reichman

“There was an orientation this group of folks brought to the work that might be different from people who were oriented toward skepticism.”

Nancy Reichman

“I don’t know what the ozone layer is, but I’ll do it with you. It was extraordinary leadership and trust – and friendship.”

Penelope Canan

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