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Friends and cofounders of d.light

Ned Tozun and Sam Goldman


Ned Tozun and Sam Goldman met as students in Stanford’s graduate business school, where they shared a deep interest in social entrepreneurship. Together, they created d.light, a pioneer in developing affordable solar-powered solutions to bring reliable energy to people in the developing world. 

“The real questions are on the tactics and how we get there and usually we’ll end up coming up with something much better than either of us had initially kind of had in mind because, you know, once you kind of take diverse viewpoints together that’s often what happens is you get a better outcome at the end, even if it might be the process could be a little uncomfortable.”

Ned Tozun

“…we’re completely solution oriented, we can support each other in early problem-solving together. So, the underpinning of the relationships together is a mutual goal, to make the world a better place, based on trust. And it’s absolute. And in my ten years of knowing Ned, it’s never wavered.”

Sam Goldman

“You know, given all the stuff we’ve been through and all the ups and downs I think it’s been humor has helped and just being able to kind of go through the stuff together.”

AshisNed Tozunh Thakkar

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