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Partners, changemakers, and leaders of the DRK Foundation

Bill Draper, Robin Richards Donohoe, Rob Kaplan, Jim Bildner, and Christy Chin


Bill Draper and Robin Richard have been partners in venture capital investing since 1994, creating philanthropy to identify high-impact social investments in the US and India. Today, the five leaders of the DRK Foundation—Bill Draper, Robin Richards Donohoe, Rob Kaplan, Jim Bildner, and Christy Chin—are committed to identifying exceptional leaders and scalable ideas.

“The stronger a partnership, I think, the freer individuals are to really express themselves in the way in which they are naturally a two and two. So, I mean, I think, what we’ve created again modeled off of you is we have, if you look at our team, they’re very different human beings, all super bright, super curious, optimistic, all high maintenance as we all are. But when we quote “play” we’re playing like a symphony because we’ve taken out a variety of components so that they’re not competing they’re really competing for, you know, how can I make my life material to others. And that’s a different context in most organizations.”

Bill Draper

“One thing about having a great partner is plan B and C are not lonely or scary because you have someone to face it with and talk it through. And I always felt like we would get through every obstacle because together we would make better decisions than we would on our own. And, so, I was never scared of those decisions.”

Robin Richards

“What I would say about picking the right partner is challenge yourself to find somebody that sees your best self and is constantly pushing you to be that better person that they see. And then return the favor by then challenging that partner to be their best self.”

Christy Chin

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