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Friends and cofounders of Planet Labs

Robbie Schingler and Will Marshall


Ex-NASA scientists, Robbie Schingler and Will Marshall founded Planet Labs in 2010 to build tiny, high-performance remote-sensing satellites to continuously capture images of the earth. Now earth imaging data, which was once accessible only to governments, is widely available.

“It’s knowing who needs to shine at the right point and to not actually take it that personally or anything because it’s actually… this is a long game, it’s not just one player that makes the play. This is… even Planet is not the end. We recognize importance of it, because we could be setting really really really really unique precedents for how to build an intentional company that’s part of the space renaissance um… and let alone enable a transparent climate. But then what do we do after that and what we do next, so…”

Robbie Schingler

“I think the most important things to have with a partner is a friendship that’s strong, the shared mission and to really enjoy working together. If you have those three things components that would be a really good partnership.”

Will Marshall

“It is what the team is creating and if it’s a big mission, it’s outside of reach, right, and that can be your north star, that can help you in the tumultuous waters of highs and lows of a startup or just creating anything, so you don’t get sick, and so you don’t lose your path. So having a big mission that’s worthy of all of the energy and all the sacrifices that you need to do if you’re creating something in this world.”

Robbie Schingler
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