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Friends and codirectors of Project VOICE

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye


Celebrating a shared love of poetry, Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye founded Project VOICE in 2008 in the belief that spoken word is a tool for personal empowerment, social change, and literacy.

“And I think that over time, we’ve worked on having this pretty thick emotional bank account so that there’s a trust that we always have each other’s back.”

Phil Kaye

“I will always be honest with you to the absolute best of my ability. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. And if I do something that hurts you, I need you to trust that’s because I didn’t realize that it was hurtful. And I need you tell me so and I will do everything I can to adjust my behavior so that I’m no longer hurting you. And it’s what I promise, and it’s also what I expect back.”

Sarah Kay

“Joy is central and also the only kind of unlimited resource. Which doesn’t mean it’s easy to come by, but I think it is a fuel that is completely renewable.”

Phil Kaye
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