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Sisters and environmental activists

Severn and Sarika Cullis-Suzuki


Sisters Severn and Sarika Cullis-Suzuki have shared a deep love and a tremendous sense of responsibility for the natural world since their youth in the wilderness of British Columbia. Severn is an activist focused on diversity in both the natural world and society, while Sarika, a marine biologist, is passionate about the health of the ocean. Both sisters lend their passion and efforts to The David Suzuki Foundation—a science-based non-profit environmental organization headquartered in Canada.

“Our parents have really told us, you know, you have this other person that shares so much of your experience, you know. You make sure you take care of that relationship, and I think somehow that must have stuck with us.”

Severn Suzuki

“I mean one of the things I think that the globalized economy has been really good at is severing connections, not only with the land, but also between people as, you know, we’ve reduced our interactions to be more economic exchanges, we don’t need to go to the neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar. I mean we, you know, we’d rather just go and, you know, gosh, we can practically order that online now and have it delivered. And yet it’s really led to a sense of isolation and loneliness. It’s just that we’ve reached a time where human organization is just really on not a human scale anymore. And I think that if we go back to these very human values of eating from the land, you know, being connected to that, having connections to our families and neighbors, I think that a lot of good will come.”

Severn Suzuki

“I definitely feel like I have a relationship with nature, just in my life, because, definitely, you know, if I’m stressed out and you know you go on a camping trip and turn off your phone for even a few days, you know, the result is transformational. To take it back a step, even to go for a walk on the beach can be really, really rejuvenating. So I definitely have felt, throughout my life, and there’s definitely always going to be a lot of stressful bumps and phases to an individual life, I really have kept returning to nature for rejuvenation, for inspiration.”

Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

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