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Spouses and cofounders of Revive and Restore

Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan


Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan have spent the past 40 years living together on a century-old tugboat in California. Stewart created the Whole Earth Catalog in the late 60s, followed by the WELL (one of the first online communities), and the Long Now Foundation. Ryan, a serial entrepreneur, has worked tirelessly to improve consumer healthcare. Together they cofounded Revive & Restore—a nonprofit that works to bring biotechnologies to conservation biology, with the mission to enhance biodiversity through the genetic rescue of endangered and extinct animals.

“I can’t finish her sentences, and I hope she can’t finish mine, at least not most of them. And then we take that curiosity that we’re able to maintain in each other and point it at the world.”

Stewart Brand

“And I always say to people it’s the secret to our marriage because the boat keeps our lives simple and uncluttered.”

Ryan Phelan

“And each time you’re starting something like that it’s so painful, sort of giving birth to these organizations and businesses and how many times have said, you know can I quit now, I mean, can I just give up, and Stewart has always been there to say, absolutely don’t give up, I mean, you know you can do this.”

Ryan Phelan
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