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Marine biologist, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, and founder of Mission Blue

Sylvia Earle and the Ocean


Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist and author with an illustrious career protecting the ocean, which she loves dearly. In 2008, she founded Mission Blue to identify and protect the world’s “Hot Spots”—ecosystems that are vital to the health of the ocean and therefore merit protection. Sylvia’s partnership with the ocean is the stuff of legends.

“Do I feel connected to nature? How could you not feel connected, with every breath you take, and every drop of water you drink?”

Sylvia Earle

“There is a need, for not just children, but everyone everywhere to realize our place, in the natural systems that sustain us… when people lived closer to nature than many do today in cities where we’re… kind of detached from where does water come from, where does food come from, where does water go, what keeps us alive, the very basic elements, that when our numbers were small, and we were clearly dependent on our fellow… creatures for sustenance, whether it was the plants that we could find or the animals that we could… extract for food… the relationship was much more obvious, that connection to the natural world, that has not changed, it’s the perception… is lacking in many people that somehow, it’s all about us.”

Sylvia Earle

“I think the real cause for hope, that… I see all around me, is knowing, the access to knowledge, the access to… perspective… where we are in the greater scheme of things, where we are in terms of our history as humans, what the future… could be, if we move in the right direction, or where it will go if we continue business as usual, we have that power… it’s our gift, it’s why… in all of history this has to be, the sweet spot in time.”

Sylvia Earle
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    Sylvia Earle | Quote on Peace with Nature


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