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Connection Architect Benefits

Connection Architects become partners with Plus Wonder, with whom we work to develop and nurture a Deep Connection. Connection Architects also benefit from exclusive access to:

The Architect Toolkits

The Architect Toolkits are highly engaging and beautifully-designed workbooks for each of the Six Degrees of Connection. They provide 50+ hours of engagement, geared towards everyone from high school or higher ed students to boardroom executives and families around the dinner table.

We provide Connection Architects access to and training in the Architect Toolkits. Our webinars are developed and led by Jean Oelwang and the Plus Wonder Education Council, and our network of Connection Architects and book partners can provide powerful opportunities to learn from one another within these webinars. These webinars are free to attend.

Partnership challenges for education

One of our Connection Architect initiatives is to showcase incredible stories of partnership amongst our nation’s youth and schools thanks to the work of educators scaffolding collaboration skills to unite their learners and multiply their impact. Details have been sent to eligible participants.

Live Events & Gatherings

We invite our Connection Architect network to live events each year that advance the conversation around partnering and collaboration, most unavailable to the public. Some of our events include:

  • Live Conversations with Jean & our Plus Wonder partners (both virtual and in-person)
  • Exclusive educator-only “Partnering in Education” virtual sessions with top educational leaders
  • In-person gathering to meet our community and co-construct a path towards hyper-connectedness in September in New York City during UNGA
Customized Professional Development Services

Connection Architects gain access to customized and transformational professional development services that apply the Six Degrees of Connection to your context, offered as a service and priced on a sliding scale to ensure all have access to Deep Connection knowledge.

Whether you’re creating a diverse team, thinking of building a large-scale collaboration, or helping your existing team work better together, we can tailor workshops and meaningful experiences to build and nurture the skills of you and your partners.

In general, Plus Wonder’s speaking services are available to the public, but we offer custom professional development series only to our partners. We also have a community of brilliant speakers who can join your next event, team meeting, or any type of gathering to help share the wisdom from the Six Degrees of Connection. Learn more about Plus Wonder’s speaking services.


We feature our Connection Architects on our website and social media channels to highlight those leading this movement.

Connection Architect Commitments

There is no direct financial cost for becoming a Plus Wonder Connection Architect. Plus Wonder provides exclusive opportunities, thoughtful resources, and our partnership with the expectation that Connection Architects:

Follow & Engage: Provide thought partnership with Plus Wonder and fellow Connection Architects to help lead the movement

Support & Share: Be attentive community members through monthly communication and feedback on events/resources

Connect & Grow: Attend at least one live event (virtual or in-person) per year

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