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Tangible lessons from 65+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.


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Do you want to spark the super power of deep connections at your next event? Are you interested in embedding partnerships at the core of your team?


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Jean has been on the TED and TEDx stages and has been doing a global tour with her new book, Partnering. 

She can help spark the power of deep connections at your next event, inspire your team to build partnerships for collective success, or dive into the six degrees of connection, from learning to celebrate friction to putting trust and respect at the center of all your relationships.

She can also be joined by one of the 65+ partnerships she interviewed to explore how they successfully built their world changing deep connection. 

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“Your presentation shed light on some of the critical issues that both funders and the scientific community are facing in their efforts to establish successful partnerships and collectives. It was evident from the discussion that there is no single solution, but rather multiple approaches that funders can adopt. I regret that our time was limited, as our members had numerous questions to ask.”

Elizabeth Weiss, Director of Philanthropic Advising, Science Philanthropy Alliance

“Thank you so much for the wonderful conversation on Saturday! The group kept coming back to insights you had shared – and the busting of the myth of the superhero provided a subject for great conversations.”

image006 Janet Jobson, CEO of The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation

“Our members were so inspired and appreciative of your time, thoughtfulness, and big ideas! I believe the breakout had a capacity of 60, and we had over 130 in the room!”

David Dietz, Director of Impact Initiatives at NEXUS

“What a talk! Our audience absolutely loved it. It was the rarest combination of powerful storytelling and practical wisdom, expertly delivered with authenticity and grace. Thank you. Thank you.”

Susan David, PH.D. Co-founder, Institute of Coaching, a McLean/Harvard Medical School Affiliate / Psychologist, Harvard Medical School

“Thank you, Jean, for facilitating such an important discussion this morning. The opportunity to strengthen our impact through strategic partnerships and unlocking our collective intelligence as partners is inspiring…and we can do it. As leaders, we are accountable for driving sustainable change and you provided a constructive way to do this.”

Louise Eyres, Chief Marketing Officer of Vanguard Australia

“Your ability drawing on human connected tissue and communicating complex human interactions captivated our cohort and provided valuable knowledge and inspiration. The depth of your knowledge and the examples you shared added tremendous value to the session and left a lasting impact on our fellows.”

Roosevelt Giles, President & CEO, EndPoint Ventures, LLC

“In a keynote address from Jean Oelwang, President of Virgin Unite, we were reminded of the power of relationships in accelerating progress for people and our planet.

Jean is an accessible, deeply knowledgeable and thoughtful speaker who provided powerful stories of relationships that have changed the world, weaving values of togetherness, partnership, collaboration and friendship as central tenets of this collective work.

We are grateful and honored to have hosted Jean Oelwang on stage this year.”

Aimée Christensen, Founder & Curator, Sun Valley Forum on Resilience and Founder & CEO, Christensen Global

“Thank you for sharing your time and insights with the Social Capital community. It is incredibly valuable to hear and learn from leaders in the field.

Your panel was personally inspiring, and I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths again in the future.”

Alison Canavan, Social Capital Partnerships

“Wow, Jean was so utterly inspiring – made me think about how I need to sustain and leverage my global connections and potential for partnerships – and how I can bring systems change thinking to my leadership at every opportunity.”

Global Leaders/Common Purpose attendees

“Time well spent. Looking forward to reading the book.”

The Governance Institute

“Powerful presentation, and very knowledgeable and compassionate presenter who inspires us to think, dream, partner to achieve something bigger. Well done!,”

The Governance Institute

“We cannot thank you enough for your contribution to Social Capital 2022. You were my MVP in most quotable. I closed out the conference quoting you saying “if you want to go fast and far, go together.” We’ve received so much positive feedback already about you.”

Paula Berezin, Social Capital Partnerships

“The way Jean was able to tie her work and research into what we are trying to accomplish in our community with Women’s Giving Fund was meaningful and inspired more than 20 attendees to donate to our cause and become a part of the community of women+ supporting one another in Park City.”

Rebecca Blanchette, Park City Community Foundation

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful book. Love the words of wisdom about partnerships – shared passions and better together.”

The Governance Institute

“It was a terrific conversation and engaged the attendees really well. Fantastic.”

Kitty Northrop, Park City Community Foundation

“Jean has a quiet calm that is also a force. She led us through a journey that inspired our audience to consider what opportunities they had to build and deepen partnerships and got us curious to ask: ‘What opportunities are we leaving on the table that could be game changers?’

“Our eyes were opened to the power each of us has to connect with others and create positive impact in the world.”

Abby Schwalb, Vice President of Programs, Conscious Capitalism

“We haven’t stopped talking about it.”

Alexandra and Karina of Meld Studios

Presentations and workshops tailored for you.

Whether you’re creating a diverse team, thinking of building a large-scale collaboration, or helping your existing team work better together, we can create a workshop or presentation to match your needs.

We also have a community of brilliant speakers who can join your next event – or your team meeting – or any type of gathering to help share the wisdom from the Six Degrees of Connection.

Presentations and workshops can be tailored to your needs. Some examples of potential themes:

  1. Collective Flourishing – What does it look like? Introduction to the Six Degrees.
  2. Collaboration Design Principles – Explore the six design principles through the stories from some of the greatest collective human achievements.
  3. Partnership Wonder – Select one of our incredible 60+ partnerships to have a conversation about what makes their relationship flow.
  4. Go Deep – Dive into one or more of the Six Degrees. Some examples: learn the 12 tips for celebrating friction, explore the magnetic moments that keep people connected, and practise the six virtues in the ecosystem.

We had an end purpose that was so wonderful that if we could make it become a reality, we were going to give it everything.

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Motivate and inspire your people with lessons learned and takeaways from Plus Wonder.

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