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Teach For America Partnering Video Challenge

We challenge high school students, educators, and school administrators to submit a video challenge and enter to win a $5,000 USD prize. This prize will be given to a classroom to further the development of their partnership and collaboration work!

Follow this 4-step process to enter your submission for a chance to win the prize money:

Step 1: Discuss the Power of Friendship

Engage your students in this discussion activity to introduce future concepts for this video challenge. The final product(s) of this activity will be requested within your video challenge submission.

Step 2: Choose a Meaningful Partnership
  • Watch this video as a class to learn more about Plus Wonder’s focus on friends and partnerships that have made great things happen in the world.
  • Teachers pick a partnership (student:student, class:school, class:community, etc.) that has made a big impact on their class during the most recent school year. This partnership should be one between members of the class or school.
  • Students and teachers work together to review the evaluation criteria and decide what to highlight in a short video.
  • Use language and examples from our Explorer Toolkits. If you want more exercises, become an Architect and download over 200 pages of content to spark deeper connections in your classroom.
Become an Architect now!
Step 3: Make the Video
  • Collaborate on a script that tells the story of the partnership—including the roles of the teacher and students and the impact on learning—and how the Six Degrees of Connection align with the partnership.
  • Assign tasks for creating the video—like scripting, on-camera presenting, recording, and editing—using simple devices, like smartphones.
  • Keep the video concise (1-2 minutes) and focus on their teamwork and positive outcomes.
Step 4: Edit and Share to Plus Wonder
  • Edit the video for a smooth flow, adding captions or graphics if needed. There are many free video editing platforms available.
  • Fill out the Video Challenge Submission Form below and attach your video file.
  • Fill out the consent form for all creators of and people depicted in the submitted video.
  • Share it on your school’s social media, tag @pluswonder, and encourage sharing on social media to inspire others! We can’t wait to see it!

TFA Video Challenge Submission Form

Your Name(Required)
This should be the main point of contact for this submission, ideally an educator or administrator that can manage the receipt of any potential prize money.
First Name
Last Name
Participants' Names(Required)
Please include any student names and other collaborators that partnered on this challenge (can say groups, such as "Mr. Porter's 11th grade Government class").
First Name
Last Name
Your School, Classroom, and Grade(Required)
This should be the proposed recipient of the prize money if selected.
School Name
Please provide the email address of the educator, so we can contact you if we feature your movement building in action!
And what kind of partnership is this... student:student, class:school, class:community, etc.?
Partner Reflection (optional): Share how this partnership and the lessons from Six Degrees of Connection positively affected your community.
Hours Spent (optional): Please include the total number of hours that your students spent studying or working alongside the partnership.
Dollars Raised (optional): Please include the total number of dollars raised in an effort to support this partnership or its initiatives.
Share what you would do with the prize money, how it will positively affect your classroom, to further the development of your partnership work.
Provide a link to an accessible folder of video responses OR a link to one video that edits together the separate video responses.
Accepted file types: mov, m4v, avi, wmv, avchd, webm, flv, mp4, Max. file size: 256 MB.
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