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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

Tangible lessons from 65+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.

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2nd Degree of Connection


Feel safe in the relationship and know you 100% have each other’s back for the long run.

Watch the video above for a concise but meaningful overview of All-in.

This gives you the freedom and confidence to do something bigger.

Snow Infinity. Martin Hill and Philippa Jones

Snow Infinity. Martin Hill and Philippa Jones

Our partnership wisdom shows that when you make a commitment in a real way, it will set you free.

Being All-In with your partners and finding freedom through commitment is not easy work— in fact, it is counterintuitive as we often think we must sacrifice our freedom when we commit to another. Yet our partners continue to find their wings when given the deep support, strength, and space within their relationships to soar to the best version of themselves.

2nd Degree of Connection Exercise

Unconditional Support

Find a picture on your camera roll that reminds you of a partner who provides you unconditional support. How does their support make you feel and help you take risks in the world?

Send the picture with a text to thank them for being All-In and making your life that much larger.

We would love for you to join us in building relationships that matter.

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