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June 6, 2022

Jean Oelwang at the Sun Valley Forum

Watch our Co-Founder’s talk at the recent Sun Valley Forum: Shaping the World We Need…

A word from Aimée Christensen, Founder and Curator, Sun Valley Forum on Resilience and Founder and CEO, Christensen Global…

Last month, we gathered for the seventh annual Sun Valley Forum and witnessed the power of connection and the opportunities sparked by new partnerships. In this urgent time for our planet and our communities, the Sun Valley Forum convenes leaders from across sectors to share and inspire one another as we collectively drive the solutions our planet and society most urgently need. In a keynote address from Jean Oelwang, President of Virgin Unite, we were reminded of the power of relationships in accelerating progress for people and our planet. Jean is an accessible, deeply knowledgeable and thoughtful speaker who provided powerful stories of relationships that have changed the world, weaving values of togetherness, partnership, collaboration and friendship as central tenets of this collective work. We are grateful and honored to have hosted Jean Oelwang on stage this year and to hear from the many inspiring leaders who we work together in partnership to create the change we wish to see in the world. 

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