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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

Tangible lessons from 65+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.

October 3, 2021

Original Thinkers: The Big Idea, Into the After

“The past 18 months have provided a real opportunity for many people to reexamine and recalibrate what they want from society. With that in mind, how do we move forward with intentionality and thoughtfulness, while at the same time disrupting, if not, dismantling age-old systems and constructs that do not serve our humanity and environment? Jean Oelwang is head of Virgin Unite and has delved deeply into understanding partnerships, which she believes is the key to creating a new paradigm. Engine No. 1 is a hedge fund, focused on climate change, that recently took on ExxonMobil in an effective way that could have enormous ramifications on the future of our planet. Joining these speakers will be an array of festival guests who will briefly share their own big idea of how we build a new world that works for everyone.”

Catch up on Jean Oelwang and Mick and Caskey Ebeling speaking at Orignal Thinkers here.

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