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February 27, 2022

Andrea Barron

Andrea is currently the Director of Empathy, for Empathy Arts and an Executive Producer on a show runner TV series for Apple TV, Paramount TV and Anonymous Content. Andrea previously served as a long-term positive impact producer for Riley Productions—a film company that has used entertainment as exposure to and shared resources with start-up initiatives devoted to social justice efforts with a focus on youth education, cultural understanding and mental health care. Additionally, Andrea worked for a decade producing and researching arts, intercultural cooperation, and human-interest documentaries for Telecom Staff, Japan’s leading production company. She was involved in The Elders and The B Team as part of the advisor start-up team and instrumental in the UN Peace Day Puma-Adidas reconciliation and Peace One Day non-conflict intercultural education resource pack for UK & USA secondary schools. Now serving as a Founders Circle member for Plus Wonder, a board member of Empathy Arts Foundation, she also felt honored to have served on the advisory boards of Virgin Unite, The Long Run, and Media Ethics Magazine. She is an ardent advocate for investment in Jamaica.

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