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June 16, 2021

Ashley Silver

Ash is an embodiment educator, a dedicated practitioner of spiritual wellness, and a conduit for greater human connection

Combining science with spirituality, Ash is the founder of The MoveMe Method: a new form of transformative embodiment that unlocks the body’s self-healing wisdom through meditation and movement. In running corporate workshops with companies including Uber, Hornet Animations, and Sparks and Honey, Ash inspires a shift from constant movement to conscious movement. 

She’s also a content creator and lead coach for the LightUp Lab, a hub for mindfulness experiences rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology. Formerly a Co-Founding Member and Director of THINK Global School, Ash developed InsideOut, a holistic social-emotional wellbeing curriculum, which offers youth tools for self-discovery. She’s also a certified yoga instructor with 300+ hours of training and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology in Education: Spirituality, Mind, Body from Columbia University.

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