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June 16, 2021

Breanna Morsadi

Breanna Morsadi is deeply committed to helping students own their learning. She works with teams in reimagining education to be learner-centered and equitable. She is an advocate for agile learning design with integrated, supportive systems that nurture connection, agency, and authenticity for all. As a published writer across platforms such as Huffington Post, Getting Smart, Education Reimagined, Future Schools Alliance, and Age of Awareness, Breanna is fully engaged in the global conversation around 21st century education. She is the Head of Learning Design & Integration for Job’s For America’s Graduates (JAG) where she delivers learning solutions promoting student career pathways across industries to 75,000 youth. Breanna is a strategic thought-partner for Headrush, where she collaborates with schools to elevate their agile learning practices. She founded Morsadi Inc. in 2018 to embolden educational leaders positioned to make a difference and to catalyze systemic change through the power of student-centered learning. Her primary areas of practice include impact strategy, learning design, participatory leadership, equity of opportunity, and educational technology. As a former World Literature teacher at THINK Global School, the world’s first traveling high school, Breanna designed place & project-based curricula and organized local learning opportunities in 30+ countries for international students. Breanna is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Fulbright Scholar, and holds a BA in Secondary Education English at Arizona State University and a M.Ed in International Development at Boston University, where she was a graduate fellow.

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