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February 28, 2022

Mich Ahern

Coming from a diverse background in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, technology and financial communications, Mich Ahern is a Senior Communications professional with expertise in sustainability. As an advocate for ethical business, over the last 15 years Mich has focused her efforts on CSR and sustainability communications to develop and drive corporate profiles and reputations to align with “good business”. Her professional expertise and her unfailing passion for “doing her part” in promoting a better, more responsible way of doing business has led to the creation of multinational corporations, NGOs, and CEO international profiles and leadership which, in turn, has influenced positive change. Her experience spans the luxury, sport, and lifestyle sectors, including Gucci, the Kering Group, Stella McCartney and PUMA, and in the not-for-profit world, including The B Team, Peace One Day, and One x One.

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