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March 21, 2024

The PlayFull Podcast x Jean Oelwang

Plus Wonder cofounder Jean Oelwang was thrilled to speak to Kristine Michie on the PlayFull Podcast about using joy and fun to crack the code on solving the world’s biggest problems.

In this episode, Jean gives an inside scoop on how her boss, Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson, prefers pranks and practical jokes to PowerPoints, and how together they’re uncovering what’s unacceptable and turning it upside down. She also shares the magic of her life’s many “disruptive detours” and how those twists and turns have led her straight to the heart of what matters most.

Kristine and Jean discuss:

  • How joy is the only renewable resource.
  • How comfort is the enemy of change.
  • Why it’s better to play than work after lunch.
  • Why changemakers shouldn’t feel bad about playing when things are hard.

Sometimes we think it’s frivolous to play. In reality, play helps make the runway faster to those solutions. It helps ease the runway. It helps us trust each other, and makes us want to work together.

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