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Tiger 21: 2022 Global Exchange Conference

TIGER 21, the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers, has concluded its 2022 Global Exchange conference in Arizona on the theme of “Connect Beyond.”  The event, formerly known as the TIGER 21 Annual Conference, serves as a unique and exclusive experience for its more than 1,100 Members and their families to meet in person to learn from acclaimed leaders as well as fellow Members in their respective areas of expertise. Member connection is the core of the TIGER 21 experience, which was created to enable the ultra-successful to collaborate and learn from one another.

Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite and author of Partnering, hosted a philanthropy network session with Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI, and Gavin McCormick, Co-Founder of Climate TRACE, on some of the world’s greatest impact partnerships and how deep relationships are built and collaborated upon at scale to multiply positive impact on the world.  Moderating the discussion was TIGER 21 Chief Administrative Officer Marian Stier.”

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