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January 4, 2024

Who lights your heart and soul on fire?

In our first Connection Challenge, we hope you kick off the new year by honoring those who light your heart and soul on fire, the organizations or individuals who inspire you to work towards Something Bigger than yourself.

The Something Bigger Connection Challenge

What do we mean by Something Bigger?

What’s Something Bigger that can light your heart and soul on fire?

Archbishop Desmond & Leah Tutu—spouses, partners in peace, human rights, freedom and life—spent a lifetime together helping end South Africa’s apartheid system and working for human rights. 

The Archbishop and Leah were able to keep fighting during the hardness and misery of the apartheid years because of their Deep Connection. United in purpose, they strengthened their resolve to do what they never could have done alone.

In the spirit of being constant “prisoners of hope,” as the Archbishop loved to say, their shared purpose, which started with ending apartheid, has evolved into ensuring that every human being has the chance to live a life of dignity.

Your purpose does not have to be world changing like ending apartheid; it simply has to be Something Bigger than yourself. Whether raising children with integrity or making your company a great place to work, all such endeavors are valid and important.

With our world in turmoil, what or who is lighting your heart and soul on fire?
How can you light the heart and soul of your community?
How can you take your first step in matching their mission or paying it forward?

Encourage your network to accept this Connection Challenge.

Hop over to Instagram and personalize this template to highlight the person or organization that lights your heart and soul on fire. Or if you prefer, download this template for an Instagram story.

Help us spark a connection movement!




Did you accept the challenge? Tell us about it!

Challenge Accepted: Something Bigger

Take two minutes to recognize and honor those who light your heart and soul on fire. Share an organization, initiative, individual, or opportunity that could be yours or someone else’s work. We may feature your submission!

Share name(s) or a URL and why they inspire you.
What did this challenge look like in your experience or within your community? We’d love to know the who, what, where, when, and why of your story as you explored this challenge.
If you prefer to attach multiple files or add a video link to an email, please send to after submitting this form.
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