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Connection Architect Council

Connection Architect Council members are
hand-selected education leaders with exceptional expertise, passion, and dedication to educational excellence
—a collective on a mission to spark a relationship reset in education.

Members of the Connection Architect Council have a simple aim:

Ensure our toolkits reach the hands of thousands of Connection Architects and their learners and bring about real transformation in education towards hyper-connectedness.


The Connection Architect Council meets quarterly virtually to strategize how we can reach our mission.

Collectively, they guide our strategic direction for educational initiatives and help us make an exponential impact.

Council members enjoy a plethora of benefits, all geared towards fostering connection in educational landscapes.

  • Special Access: Receive invitations to virtual and in-person live events that feature Plus Wonder partners, inspirational leaders, and collective action opportunities.
  • Inspiring Connections: Immerse yourself in a vibrant network alongside powerful partners and changemakers who are shaping the landscape of education. Find inspiration and forge impactful collaborations within this dynamic community.
  • Impactful Contributions: Make a meaningful difference in the lives of students, families, and communities through innovative educational programs and initiatives. Your efforts will leave a lasting impression, driving positive change.
  • Appreciation: Experience recognition and gratitude from Plus Wonder, partners, and the broader community for your pivotal role in advancing educational opportunities and equity. Your contributions will be valued and acknowledged.
  • Resource Access: Unlock a valuable array of resources, expertise, and support from Plus Wonder and its network of partners. These resources will equip you to excel in your role and realize your aspirations.
  • General Benefits: Enjoy the additional benefits of our general Connection Architect community, listed here.

Connection Architect Council

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