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Team Connection Architects

Team Connection Architects may be
business leaders, trainers, managers, researchers,
HR professionals &
other guides of teams

—people who work to develop and model strong professional partnerships and world-shifting companies.

For Professional Development

Reignite your workforce, build an extraordinary team or network, and train your people to excel at collaboration by honing your connection.

Teams can employ the Architect Toolkits as tools for developing stronger connection with colleagues to enhance collaboration. These toolkits are based on the Six Degrees of Connection framework and provides exercises for teams to build strong connections and a common language around partnering.

Teams can join a workshop or webinar to go deep in the Six Degrees of Connection and schedule a workshop series to facilitate the professional development of their teams. They can even create initiatives in the workplace that inspire cultural shifts towards great partnership.

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For Researchers

Initiate a research project or study on collaboration, and share your findings with our network of Architects who can act as thought partners. Plus Wonder is eager to collaborate with researchers who aim to advance the study of collaboration and partnership.

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