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October 6, 2022

As Far As

This year’s As Far As event took place in the magical Engadine in the Swiss Alps. The group of Founders explored the Six Degrees of Connection through nature, art, and beautiful conversations.

It was wonderful to see the creative ways that the As Far As team brought the Six Degrees to life. For example, on a two hour walk in the breath-taking mountains, the group went from station to station to explore the ecosystem of virtues. Nestled in the woods, each station posed a few questions about enduring trust, unshakeable mutual respect, united belief, and all the other virtues. It was wonderful to see the depth and love that was ever-present and heightened by the sheer beauty of nature. 

In one workshop participants were encouraged to create their own artwork based on Airbnb’s communications ritual – ‘elephants, dead fish and vomit’ – the big things in the room that need addressing (elephants); issues that have been hanging around for a while (dead fish); and anything that individuals need to get off their chest (vomit). The paintings were then hung in a stunning gallery in St. Moritz.

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