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Spouses and partners in creating the new energy future

Amory and Judy Lovins


Amory and Judy Lovins rediscovered each other in their late 50s through a shared love of the mountains and a deep interest in renewable energy and climate change. Amory is a writer and physicist and serves as chairman and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute and Judy is a landscape photographer.

“So, we’re in parallel activities, that is general shared social purpose but our careers grow in parallel intertwined but separate. And that gives us each a lot of space and we don’t kind of run into each other and yet, you know, same shared sense of responsible citizenship and making the world better, so that all works well. It means whatever comes up it’s easy to return to our center.”

Amory Lovins

“You’re taking responsibility for creating the world you want, that’s what makes it applied hope rather than some hairy theoretical hope that somebody will do something. And along with the love and respect and tolerance I would say, faith hope and clarity, the greatest of these is clarity, and with clarity comes integrity.”

Amory Lovins

“That’s right, so clarity is such a gift that we give each other, and we think before we speak.”

Judy Lovins

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