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Spouses and cofounders of Riders for Health

Andrea and Barry Coleman


Andrea and Barry Coleman trace their commitment to global health to their shared longtime love of motorcycles. They formed Riders for Health in 1996 with a vision to improve access to healthcare throughout rural Africa by creating a transport infrastructure.

“We felt we could do this together and I had one set of skills, Barry had another set of skills, but we had a united mission, purpose and a belief that we could actually do this.”

Andrea Coleman

“There has to be patience and love and respect and being angry on and off and going through bad patches, and that’s just part of the whole thing and it has to be… you have to know that’s going to happen and accept it as part of what must happen and will happen.”

Andrea Coleman

“Well, we have shared values, without a shadow of doubt. Values are always hard to identify and harder to define really, but we certainly, as long as we’ve known each other, we’ve been aware that we have a similar outlook, you know.”

Barry Coleman
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    Andrea Coleman | Quote on United Belief


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