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Friends and partners in ending violence and promoting compassion

Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix


Azim Khamisa lost his 20-year-old son Tariq to a young gang member’s bullet in 1995. Choosing forgiveness instead of blame, Azim reached out to Ples Felix, the grandfather of the shooter, and from that day forward the pair have been on a shared mission to end violence and inspire accountability and compassion among youth through the Tariq Khamisa Foundation.

“There’s nothing that precludes us from being able to see each other and be together as brothers, as long as we understand that we are one.”

Ples Felix

“And I really truly believe it’s because we are on our spiritual purpose, because when you are, there’s a perpetual tailwind. The universe supports you, because we are living the universal values, and I think that that to me is very profound.”

Azim Khamisa

“I think that that is important in any partnership that it has to transcend cognitive and even emotional connection. It has to get to that deep spiritual connection for you to sustain, for you to be trusting, for you be respectful, for you to be able to look at conflict as an opportunity to be able to create love and unity.”

Ples Felix

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