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“Partnering” by Jean Oelwang

Tangible lessons from 65+ of the world's most remarkable partnerships.


Spouses and partners in empowering women

Eve Ellis and Annette Niemtzow


Annette Niemtzow is a theatre producer in New York and Eve Ellis is a financial advisor and portfolio manager who works with clients in the nonprofit sector.

“It’s not just ‘don’t sweat the small stuff,’ it’s really understanding what’s important to you. It’s taking stock of your own self. It really does come from a place about yourself.”

Annette Niemtzow

“Would we take as many risks if we were not partners? I would say no. I would say, I’m sure, no. I wouldn’t have even thought about. I wouldn’t have had the level of curiosity. And I don’t think I would have had the confidence.”

Eve Ellis

“What binds us…we’re tied tightly by who we are and what’s important to us.”

Eve Ellis

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