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Jane Tewson and Charles Lane


Jane Tewson has founded seven charities in Britain and Australia, starting with Comic Relief in response to the African famine in 1985. Her husband Charles Lane shares a passion for philanthropic work and has led charities in Australia.

“But I think for people in a partnership, a working partnership again they’re almost the same things, it is about respect, it is all about being curious and listening, it’s having a sense of fun and joy and working to create that space.”

Jane Tewson

“And that experience changes you, not ostensibly but deep inside you become a different person by knowing someone else.”

Charles Lane

“Sometimes you just have to hold back and give space and be quiet. One of the things that I really respected about spending time with many indigenous Australians that sometimes at the beginning when you meet them you just actually have to be quiet and still and to be happy with that stillness. Because they can find out so much about you in that way. And I hope there’s a little bit of me that can also do that. It’s important, yes, space.”

Jane Tewson
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