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Friends and cofounders of The Transpartisan Review

Lawrence Chickering and Jim Turner


Both attorneys, Lawry Chickering is a conservative intellectual, while Jim Turner has long identified with the left and worked as a consumer activist. Yet through their founding of the Transpartisan Review, they’ve learned that empowerment is the solution to deep divisions.

“There is so much emphasis on about the political and cultural divide. We don’t believe there is any such divide. I would say that racism is the biggest thing going on in the public debate right now. I would say that the problem is not racism at all. The problem is something quite different. When you engage people and you create institutions that empower them as co-owners of everything from schools to law enforcement to whatever, all of these things disappear. But there are powerful interest groups that are aligned against this, including the political class itself and the mass media who are in the entertainment business, and they love conflict.”

Lawrence Chickering

“You should have the least number of opinions that you can possibly have. Opinions are an indulgence. What you want to have is information, you want to have facts and you want to be open to more facts. The only time that you want to engage in opinion is when you’ve got to do something immediately, and you don’t have any way to get any more facts.”

Jim Turner

“When you empower people to pursue what they care about, you have the key to their motivation to want to succeed, and you’ve given them a stake in it. It’s astonishing if you look at every experience that has succeeded in school reform, it’s all based on this. But the entire idiom, the entire system, is not based on trying to learn from experiences that have succeeded even with the most difficult populations. It’s always on the supply side.”

Lawrence Chickering

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